Worst Bad Beats Online and Offline

When it comes to bad beats, everyone thinks they have a story to top them all, rightfully so. When you suffer a bad beat, it is your money on the line; therefore you have a vested interest in your story. Have you ever noticed though, the sincere disinterest in others eyes when you try to tell the story? Maybe you are a bad story teller, but then again, maybe your bad beat wasn’t all that impressive. We have scoured the net looking for the worst bad beat stories.

When looking for bad beats, we weren’t just looking for the worst arrangement of cards or the biggest pot lost to a bad beat. We were looking for the entire package that would make any poker player cringe. One involves an incredible string of bad luck and the other a ridiculous display of stupidity. We have settled on one that involves a pro, Daniel Negreanu and one that involves some relatively unknown online screen names. There may be worse bad beat stories. If you think you have one to beat these, send it our way and you just may find your story among these bad beat legends.

Daniel Negreanu’s High Stakes Poker Nightmare

For most poker players, Daniel Negreanu needs no introduction. Whether you like him, hate him or think he likes men; you have to agree he is a top flight poker player. His resume definitely holds its own in both tournament and cash play. Given how many hands this guy has played, a bad run of luck was sure to happen sometime. This time however, it happened on a syndicated TV show called High Stakes Poker. Daniel repeatedly flopped monster hands only to get beat on the turn or river. At one point Barry Greenstein joked, “You know how I can tell that Daniel has a straight? I have a tell on him, the board is pairing”.

Daniel Negreanu vs Gus Hansen

Hands: 6s 6h vs 5d 5c

* Pre-flop: Daniel raised to $5,000; Gus calls

* Flop: 9c 6d 5h, Gus checks, Daniel bets $8,000; Gus raises to $26,000; Daniel calls

* Turn: 5s, Gus bets $24,000, Daniel calls

* River: 8s, Gus checks, Daniel bets $65,000, Gus moves all-in for $232,000, Daniel calls the rest of his $167,000

Total Pot: $575,000

There isn’t much to say on this hand. At no point was the hand played poorly by either player, there was no reasonable way to get away from this disaster at either point. The only difference that could have been made is if Daniel moved all in on the flop. In that case Gus may have folded, but that doesn’t seem like the right play given the action.

Daniel Negreanu vs Erick Lindgren

Hands: 10h 9h vs 8s 8c

* Pre-Flop: Daniel raises to $2,000, Erick calls

* Flop: Qc 8h Jd, Daniel bets $4,000, Erick calls

* Turn: 8d, Daniel bets $12,000, Erick calls

* River: Ah, Daniel bets $25,000, Erick moves all-in for $97,700, Daniel calls the rest of his $72,600

Total Pot: $233,000

You can definitely argue that Daniel could have gotten away from this hand, but he would have to put Erick on a boat or better. Daniel didn’t think so, or at least didn’t want to think Erick could have had any probably hands like A8, QQ, JJ, 88, or AA. The real bad beat is the string of bad beats that Daniel kept running into. It was seemingly scripted and unreal, but unfortunately for Daniel, it was $750,000 too real.

All together Daniel lost about $450,000 just in these two hands. These are ONLY two examples of what Daniel kept running up against in this session. Altogether, he was running toward $750,000 in losses. I have seen some bad runs in poker, but this was horrific. I am sure this relentless string of beats would make any poker player say those five infamous yet meaningless words “I’m never playing poker again”.

$350,000 Online Bad Beat Jackpot Missed for ¢.05 Rake

This makes the list if not only for its sheer stupidity. Missing out on a share of $350,000 for only 5 cents in rake is one of the worst bad beats imaginable.

It happened on the Absolute Poker network. Two online players, DanielMario and Reloadngo entered a hand. The only betting for the entire hand occurred pre-flop. Reloadngo raised it up to $2 with his 89 of hearts and DanielMario called with a AK of hearts. This may not seem like something crazy, but after the cards that hit the board, with one player holding a straight flush to the Queen and the other holding a Royal Flush, you can only wonder why these two weren’t all in together after the turn, let alone the river.

The Board was, Flop: 7c Qh Jh     Turn: 10h     River: 8c

After the hand was checked all the way around, the river came and still no action. The pot stood at $4.75, just shy of what was needed for an extra 5 cents in rake. The cards turned up and these two players were completely silent. The entire rest of the table erupted on the chat. Many were upset that the jackpot wasn’t hit, because they missed out what would have been the split and bonus. Then everyone was trying to get answers from the two players, to which there was no response.

There is a chance that both players were scared to bet, because it would scare off the other player. Then when it was checked to the Royal on the river, that player just checked so that everyone could see his Royal Flush. Maybe the players didn’t respond from their embarrassment. However, the more popular theory is that these two players were actually bots and for whatever reason, the protocol didn’t instruct betting on nut and 2nd nut hands. Either way, its a bad beat that legends are made of.

Written by Matt White