Woman Wins $1 Million Poker Jackpot on $20 Wager

An unidentified woman won $1 million at Harrah’s Resort in Atlantic City this week, after playing the Three Card Poker 6 Card bonus jackpot game and qualifying for a promotion being run by the casino resort. What makes this win particularly impressive is the fact that the woman wagered only $20 before grabbing the big prize and becoming the second winner of the promotion.

The win was made through the promotion offered by Harrahs where players are paid out cash prizes if they manage to draw a royal flush. The sum of the prize depends on the make-up of the royal flush, and whether it is in clubs, spades, hearts or diamonds. The payout also depends on how much money is bet on the hand by the poker player.

Harrah’s top payout of $1 million was earmarked for a royal flush in diamonds – the exact hand landed by the woman, despite her very low wager.

Harrah’s Resort would not divulge the identity of the woman when approached, but did confirm that she had only been playing for two hours at the table before she hit the winning jackpot. The casino also said that the woman had notified them that she had only ever played Three Card Poker 6 twice in the past.

Harrahs’ promotion kicked off at the end of September and this marks the second time that the $1 million payout has been won since then. The first jackpot was won in October after another unidentified man wagered just $19. In November, 2011, a man from Virginia bagged $100,000.

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