Poker Sites for Washington Players

Poker Sites for WashingtonPoker players in Washington State are left scratching their heads after PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker, and now Bodog/Bovada have left them high and dry. Not only did PokerStars leave the state of Washington, but so did the Merge Poker Network, Cake Poker, and popular sites like Playersonly and Sportsbook Poker.

Poker Sites Accepting Washington Players

1. – Only site currently taking players from Washington.


Because of legal concerns, PokerStars had to pull out of the Washington State (as an update, PokerStarts no longer accept any US states). Currently, it is illegal for poker players from Washington to play online poker. It’s one of those laws that while its on the books, it doesn’t seem like the US government really does anything about it as hundreds of thousands of people still play in the state of Washington, USA. For legal reasons we can not condone it but simply state the facts.

Will BetOnline and Others Follow

The real question right now is how long before ALL poker sites drop Washington state online poker players. This would be devastating as it would leave the Washington poker sites list to only state run poker rooms, which do not exist yet. It has been said through many members in the industry that BetOnline will not drop players from Washington because they really don’t care about absurd US laws.

The future of online poker in the US is becoming more and more clear as they have made online poker legal. Many states are adapting more and more local land based poker rooms to gain revenues and taxes. Right now the average player seems to prefer to play at a brick and mortar poker room due to fear of being cheated at online poker sites. Also, depositing and withdrawing has become difficult in the US and is expected to get worse for those that aren’t granted licenses.

It’s Your Choice Ultimately in the US

Unfortunately, while all this is going on there is still no laws that say it is illegal to play online poker in the United States, except for certain states. Please check local laws in your state to see if you can gamble online.