Legality of Online Poker in the USA

Poker Sites, USA, for Money, and Legal!

I’m always shocked at the percentage of people in the USA that still believe it is illegal to play at online poker sites for money. Let me state it for you once and for all, and you can take this to any legal lawyer you want. It is 100% legal to play at online poker sites in the USA except for Louisiana and Washington, depending on what online poker site you are playing at. Regardless of what state you live in, we highly recommend Not only have I paid to have legal representation on this matter and spent over 10 years researching the subject, the United States Department of Justice agreed that indeed, it is not illegal to play poker in the US. Places like, BetOnline, IgnitionPoker, Americas Cardroom, etc., are hopping with US real cash players who deposit using USA poker deposit options which are very easy to use.  Before we get into this, if you’re from another country and want to the best poker site country specific, visit Mike’s site.

Party Poker feeds the USA crap

A lot of the problem is bad press, which Partypoker is king of. They used to call them the “King of Online Poker” but now they are the king of propaganda and lies. They tell all new visitors that signup on their poker sites that it is illegal to play internet poker for money. This is of course after they get your email address and sign on information. Why? Because their belief is that poker will be legal in the US soon again and they don’t want you to know there are actually poker sites out there that have been taking real money players for 9 years now, since the UIGEA. Growing competition in bad for business. Don’t listen to Partypoker, they are as shady as the USA’s government.

What’s this UIGEA Crap?

Ok, we’ve gotten that out of the way. Its legal, no doubt about it. So what was the UIGEA about? It made it illegal for banks to make transactions to offshore gambling sites. So guess what, the player has nothing to do with it, it’s all up to the banks and financial institutions. This leads us to the fundamental flaw of this UIGEA law that was passed back in 2006. How in the world is a bank supposed to regulate what type of transactions are illegal and which ones are not? THEY CAN’T! In fact, this new law has made poker sites more savvy at maneuvering around any sort of blocking credit card companies, or check processors throw at them.

Studies that defy the law

To top things off, poker has been studied greatly over the past years because of this law. If organizations can prove poker is in fact skill, then guess what? It’s no longer gambling and should be legal under our constitutional rights. Well what do you know, there has been a study released by the largest poker room on the internet, Pokerstars, that analyzed billions of poker hands. It was determined that without a shadow of a doubt that poker is skill. It’s a shame the billions of hands can be scrutinized and yet only a few corrupt Senators can pass bills to make poker “look” like it’s illegal.

The second argument is that oh no, all these people will lose their life savings and gamble away their pocket books. Well sorry Congressmen, your beliefs which were based soundly on your thoughts were dis-proven by the Harvard Law School. They conducted a study that showed empirical evidence that gambling online does not promote abuse and therefore more “addictive habits”. Again, I think I’ll take Harvard’s side on this one. Not to mention the fact that the US Federal government only exists, to protect you from others (and coin and regulate money). There is no demand in the supreme law of the land (The US Constitution) that says the Federal Government exists to protect you from….well, you. That’s what makes America so great, you have the freedom to make good choices and bad ones! You, are free to choose!

Some States Are Illegal

There are a couple US states that have made it illegal to play online poker, from the player perspective. Washington poker sites are few and far between because it is considered a felony to play poker online. Despite this, many don’t even know the law exists and play anyways. If you ask most online poker players what the UIGEA they will have no clue, and after they see the onslaught of advertisements on TV they honestly should have no reason to believe that online poker is illegal.

Online Gambling Corruptions in the USA

Every angle our dear “Congruptions”, that’s what I call Congressmen these days since all they look out for are special interest groups, not the United States citizens. Online gambling promotes underage poker site playing you say Congruptions? Well it’s a good thing there is special software developed for that specific purpose. Go ahead, have one of your underage kids try and create a poker account for money and see how far they get.

This as you can see is a very touchy subject for me because it involves unethical behavior by our Countries spokespeople who are supposed to be supporting us, not the multi-millionaire special interest groups. People should be allowed to do as they please when it is deemed legal and not spout propaganda that to play online poker sites in the USA is illegal, it is NOT!

Written by Roger S.