US Feds Summon X Full Tilt Poker Employee

Once again, rumors and speculation are flying in the online poker industry – this time surrounding the mysterious subpoena of former Full Tilt Poker employee, Jason Newitt. There was no information disclosed over the reason why Newitt was summoned by the Feds, although word will eventually break.

For those of don’t remember, Newitt (aka as JDN) at online poker sites, filed a suit against Full Tilt, Tiltware and Pocket Kings, claiming that he had received an unfair dismissal from the site and that his payments were “unfairly ceased”.

The Feds are staying mum on whether his subpoena has anything to do with the lawsuit he has going against Full Tilt Poker or online poker at all. The general feeling in the media is that whatever it is, it is probably not in the best interests of poker.

Over the past few years, the US Department of Justice has been persistent in its efforts to nab online gambling payment processors in a bid to enforce the controversial Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA). While the Feds would love to get their hands on online poker operators, these are usually located offshore and out of the DOJ’s jurisdiction. However, payment processors usually open accounts at US banks to pay poker fans their winnings, and become easy targets for Feds.

Steve “Chops” Preiss told this week: “In general, subpoenas are not overly specific in nature. It’s no secret the DOJ has been investigating the online poker industry, and when J.D. Newitt sued Full Tilt Poker, he certainly opened himself up for some follow-up from the government. We simply won’t know if the subpoena is specifically targeting Full Tilt Poker or part of a larger and broader investigation of online poker until after the fact.”

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