Beat Rush Poker – Full Tilt Poker

What is Rush Poker?

Important Note: Full Tilt no longer accepts players from the USA. We recommend which accepts poker players from all 50 US states.

Rush Poker is a fairly new online poker craze, and for good reason. As the name suggests, the new variation of online poker gives players the chance to constantly be in the action. The basic idea is that a pool of players is randomly distributed at online poker tables. As a player, your play at each table ends when you fold out of the hand. As soon as a player folds, they are immediately sat at a new table where a hand is immediately dealt to everyone. This means you are constantly in the action.

Rush Poker Strategy

The game plays very close to multiple cash games, also known as multi-tabling. But where most multi table player will play 4-8 online cash games at a time possibly on different monitors, Rush poker allows you to play just as fast on a single table. This allows you to  completely focus on one hand at a time without having to worry about other live hands on other tables.

Since these games play like similar to multiple cash games, the strategy for Rush poker is pretty much the same. Most will tell you when multi tabling to simply wait for strong starting hands and play tight aggressive when you make a monster on the flop, bet it accordingly.

How to Beat Rush Poker

There is something to consider in Rush poker vs multi tabling. When multi tabling, not everyone is waiting on premium hands, that means your JJ is potentially much more valuable pre flop than if you play Rush Poker. That is because in Rush poker, you can be sure more players will be waiting on monsters than a random cash game. If someone re-raises all in pre-flop on Rush poker, the likelihood that they are holding QQ KK AA, is much higher than if you are simply playing multiple cash tables. Since Rush poker is fairly new, some players may not make the adjustment right away, but as the game is around longer, you can be sure most players will make the adjustment to playing premium hands. This doesn’t mean you have to only play Aces, it just means you should be reluctant to call pre-flop all ins without them.

Basically, just remember that most players will be waiting on monster hands pre and post flop, so adjust what you perceive to be a monster accordingly.

How to Play Rush Poker

From your Full Tilt Poker lobby, select the Rush Poker option at the top.


This will populate the lobby list with Rush Poker games, you can further refine your search by using the “filters”, which allow you to narrow your search to (hold em, omaha hi, omaha H/L, Limit type: NL, PL, Fixed Limit and buy in/stakes.


This will take you to a Rush Poker lobby that you chose. This is the pool of players that you will be randomly seated with on each hand. Select “Join Now” and you will immediately be sat at a Rush Poker table. A count down from 3 to 1 will occur and a hand will be dealt to you.


After the countdown from 3 to 1, a hand will be dealt to everyone at your table. Here is the great part, if you are in any position other than big blind and your hand is so bad it makes your eyes hurt, you can click the “Quick Fold” button and you will be folded out of the hand and immediately sat at a new table. This allows you to pass up “marginal hands” and simply move on to the next with a click of the mouse.


This fast paced game is definitely worth a try. Make sure to at least give it a shot. It is definitely one of the biggest innovations in poker since online poker itself. Full Tilt Poker is the only place you can play Rush Poker.