Pokerstars Shut Down Questions and Answers

US Players and Alternatives

You probably noticed by now that when you visit you get an FBI warning page if from the US. This is because Poker Stars was seized by the United States government. Now, because so many things have transpired since April 15, 2011 when the dot .com domain of Pokerstars was overtaken I will try to recap the strong points of the shutdown and summarize them below in cliff notes.

1. Pokerstars shut down by US government on April 15, 2011 for multiple felonies.

2. Poker players are completely in the clear, it is not illegal to play online poker.

3. People have begun playing poker at an alternative poker site, instead of Pokerstars.

4. Pokerstars eventually paid money back to players.

5. The owners of Pokerstars were indicted and face up to 80 years in prison, they are not likely to ever see a jail cell.

6. The new support email for pokerstars is

7. Pokerstars got their .com domain back. Currently countries outside of the US continue to play at Pokerstars, they are the largest in the world.

We are continuing to follow Pokerstars as more information develops on all fronts. There are many questions still being asked by players and here are some FAQ regarding the situation:

Q. I just want to play poker, is there anywhere I can play safely?
A. Yes, most are playing at (see link above).

Q. Will I ever get my money back from Pokerstars
A. 100% Yes. You should have gotten it already, if not contact them immediately.

Q. What about my player points and bonus money I had.
A. Don’t count on this being credited to you. Your money will probably be the only thing you will get back.

Q. Is Pokerstars going to reopen to the United States
A. Once they lost their dot com domain, they switched to but decided to NOT take players from the United States.  They are expected to join a forces with a major land based operator in the US now that poker is officially legal. It is anticipated that Pokerstars will launch in New Jersey in March 2015.

We will continue to update this page as more information comes into play. For now please remember that it is not a crime to play online poker from the United States. The US Department of Justice took this poker sites domain because they believe they were committing wire fraud, bank fraud, and other felonies. Online poker was forced underground and was never really “illegal” so the poker sites were basically forced to take measures they shouldn’t have.