Does PokerStars Have a Bad Beat Jackpot?

pokerstarsI have talked to two affiliate managers, Carly and Fiona, along with the Poker Room Management team and they have told us that they do not have bad beat jackpot tables in the foreseeable future. For now you will have to choose from the ones mentioned on our website.

There have been a few petitions to have bad beat jackpots at Poker Stars at forums like Pocket Fives and Twoplustwo. While Pocketfives consists of mostly advanced players the consensus is that players for some reason did not want to have bad beat jackpots. Unfortunately, I believe this to be a mistake. At a poker site the size of Pokerstars they could have the biggest bad beat jackpots in the industry.

Not only would the jackpots be getting hit daily if not multiple times a day but they would all be for large amounts. This would be a huge attraction. Like the lottery they could also run a “Mega Jackpot” where a super hand has to be beat, something like quad QQQQ or better. I could see this jackpot reaching into the multiple millions every few weeks because of the size of Pokerstars.

Jackpots Bring in Loose Players

Jackpot tables are known for the looser play. People will draw at hands they wouldn’t necessarily draw at in order to hit the one outers and possibly the jackpot. This in turn brings better players to the tables which in turn brings more money to the house. It’s a principle Party Poker used for a long time. Bad players = High Traffic poker sites.

Party Poker was the king at advertising to the “novice” player and one reason the place was always hopping (pre-UIGEA). Even after they lost 80% of their US players they are now still competing for the top 3 largest online poker sites and guess what, Partypoker has bad beat jackpot tables.  They market well as a poker site and were rewarded.  Among bad beats, we will also have the capability of you, the user being able to search through online poker websites to find all the features you would want with a drop down menu at

Will Pokerstars Ever Have Them

While they say, “not in the foreseeable future” I could definitely see them having them. Pokerstars doesn’t like to give out too much information on promotions or software advancements that they do. I recall two years ago asking them about their Mac software and if they had any plans for it so I could add them to They gave me the same reply as with BBJ’s. Nothing in the foreseeable future…Not long after they told me that they had full fledged Mac compatible software. So I wouldn’t be surprised if we see bad beat jackpots on the horizon for Pokerstars. Stay tuned, or sign up for our newsletter. 🙂

Written by Roger