PIC Club Poker Deposit

Is Picclub any Good?

Important Note: Currently, there are no reputable poker websites accepting PIC-Club.

PicClub is an ewallet designed specifically with the US player in mind, so yes it’s great. The owners of Pic Club have developed a structure, which they believe is compliant with the UIGEA. This deposit option is rapidly expanding and is becoming one of the most popular ewallets for online poker players. In this review you will find the real money poker sites and casinos that accept Pic Club, how it works, a step by step guide to using PicClub and any fees associated with this deposit method.

How Picclub deposits work

After creating an account at a poker room that accepts the Pic Club deposit option. You will need to set up an account with Pic-Club. You can then make a deposit with a major credit card or financial wire service such as Western Union onto your Pic-Club account. Your new Pic-Club account will act as a third party account from where you will make deposits and withdraws directly with poker sites that accept the Pic-Club deposit method. For a full step by step guide with screen shots, please see below.

Note: PIC-Club is a unique ewallet that uses a part of each transaction ($1) to buy shares in pooled commodities investment company. The remaining funds transferred to poker rooms are indirectly deposited to the poker sites, which according to PIC-club, makes the transaction legal in accordance with the UIGEA.

Pic-Club Deposit Options and Fees

* Visa 6% + $1

* MaterCard 6% + $1

* Discover Card 6% + $1

* American Express 7.5% + $1

* Diners Club 7.5% + $1

* JCB 7.5% + $1

* Western Union Standard W.U. Fees Apply + $1

* Moneybookers Standard M.B. Fees Apply + $1

* MoneyGram Standard M.G. Fees Apply + $1

What is the $1 for?

This $1 is still your money; it is just held back from the poker room deposit and held in an account that buys shares of a commodity investment company. You not play with those held funds, but you can withdraw them and redeposit them. In 2007 PIC-club account holders earned 14% on the money held in these “share” accounts.

TIP: If you want to deposit $100 with a poker room, make a transfer of $101. $1 will be held back to buy into the share pool and a net deposit of $100 will be deposited into your preferred PIC-club accepted poker room account.

Withdraw Options and Fees:

* Wire Transfer = $45

* Check = No Charge

* Certified Check = No Charge

* Money Order = No Charge

* Western Union Standard = W.U. Fees Apply

How to Use Pic Club

1. Visit PIC-Club, click “Join The Club” and create an account.

2. Making a deposit to PIC-Club

3. Transfer funds to a PIC-Club poker room

4. You are ready to play

Reviewed by Matt W.