Echeck Poker Deposit

Poker Echecks Overview:

Echecks have become extremely popular as a deposit method for online poker players, especially among US players. E-checks, also known as electronic checks, poker echeques, or instant e-echecks work the same as their paper counterpart. The primary difference is that the transaction is all electronic.

The echeck deposit method works directly with your checking or savings account. Echeques are as fast as a credit card deposit and as safe a paper check. In this review you will find echeck poker sites, an explanation of how echecks work, deposit fee information and a step by step guide on how to use echecks.

Echeck Deposits – How they work:

After creating an account at one of the echeck poker websites, you will want to find the echeck deposit option under the poker room cashier window. From there you will find that echecks are just like paper checks, only they are issued electronically. Select the echeck deposit option and enter the required information into the deposit screen. You will find this information in the check from your checking account or savings account that you wish to deposit from. This information will primarily include the account number and routing number. You will also enter the amount you wish to deposit and submit the transaction. The funds will be directly taken from your checking or savings account and will be immediately available for play.

Echeck Fees:

There are no fees charged to the depositor with this deposit method.

How to Use Poker Echecks

1. Open the Cashier window of your preferred Echeck poker room.
2. Choose the Echeck Deposit Option.
3. Enter all required information from your account, including the routing number, account number and the amount you wish to deposit and submit.
4. Your funds will immediately be available for play.

Need Help Finding Your Account Information?

Routing Number
For US accounts, you can usually locate the 9 digit routing number on the lower left hand corner of a check.

Account Number
The account number is typically on the lower right hand portion of the check and is 6 or more digits.

Check Number
If you need this, it will be located on the bottom portion of the check in between the routing number and account number or it will be found on the upper right hand portion of the check.

E cheque Withdraw Options

Yes you can withdraw with and echeck as well. Some sites require that your first deposit be debited before you can being withdrawing via echeque.

Reviewed by Matt W.