Discover Card and Poker Deposits

Poker deposits with Discover card?

There are currently no poker rooms that accept Discover Card. This is actually a frequently asked question and in fact, is the only credit card not accepted at one single poker site. On the other hand, most players can’t use discover card choose to deposit using by one of the following USA poker depositing methods.

Credit card deposits are definitely one of the easiest ways to deposit for online poker and casino players. Unfortunately, this deposit method for US players can be almost impossible. Discover card was a great way to deposit for poker players, because it allowed for players to earn cash back bonuses for their gaming deposits. Their return to the online poker world is yet to be determined. That is not unless recent bills to legalize online gambling go through.

Other Credit Card Deposits

Most sites do have the capabilities to take credit cards but it’s always varies from site to site. Discover card is not even a hit or miss, it’s obsolete. American Express is another popular credit card deposit option. Currently, Absolute poker is the only poker room that accepts poker Amex deposits and you actually have to make a deposit using something else, like an echeck before they will allow it. Mastercard and Visa are the main ways people deposit though.

Echeck Poker Deposits Next Best Thing

Echecks are the next best method for poker deposits if you are unable to deposit by credit card. Some actually prefer echecks to credit cards. Echecks work exactly the same as paper checks. The online process however, is similar to a credit card. You simply enter required account information into the poker rooms cashier window and the amount you with to deposit. Your funds are immediately available for deposit.

Discover Card

Why Not Discover card for Poker

There are a few laws on the books, the Patriot Act, the Wire Act, and the UIGEA. These prevent poker sites from allowing deposits into gambling sites. Some cards can be manipulated by the poker site so that it can be used as a deposit. Of course, it’s not exactly legal for the poker sites to do this as uncoding a credit card is a federal crime, yet most poker sites still do it. Luckily it’s not illegal for the poker player themselves to make the deposit, it all lies legally on the credit card company and the poker site.

My belief is that Discover card either has a superior coding mechanism to block gambling deposits, or casinos and poker sites suffer a large amount of charge backs from these types of deposits so they deny them. A charge back is when basically a poker player will deposit, lose, and say hey, I shouldn’t have been able to deposit into a gambling site anyway so the credit card company will refund the money. Clever but unethical.