Partypoker Bad Beat Jackpot Review
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Qualifying Hand
8 8 8 8
Min Table Rake
50 cents
Player Min
4 players
PartyPoker Bad Beat Jackpot Review

Lots of people play at the jackpot tables at  This means the jackpots hit often and rise often.  They are comparable to the Bad Beat Jackpot at BetOnline in terms of how fast it rises.

The jackpot payouts favor the losing hand slightly more at PartyPoker but less goes to the winner of the hand.  The reason they can give out more to the players is because PartyPoker carries over less of the jackpot to seed the next jackpot.

Unfortunately, PartyPoker does not allow US players.  Despite this, they are the second largest Bad Beat Jackpot site online to play at.  Use the bonus code party poker “DE200” for maximum bonus.

Jackpot Payouts:

35% of the Jackpot is paid to the “losing” hand

17% of the Jackpot is paid to the “winning” hand

17% of the Jackpot is distributed to the remaining players at the Bad Beat table

20% of the Jackpot is used to seed the next Jackpot

10% is retained by the house

Qualifications and Requirements:

*Players must be seated at a Jackpot table.
*4 or more players must be seated at time of the bad beat.
*Players sitting out of the bad beat hand do not qualify for the remaining split.

*The loosing hand must be four of a kind 8’s (8888) or better.
*Both players involved in the bad beat hand must use both hole cards
*The hand must be raked and a bad beat rake must also be collected for the considered hand

*If more than 2 hands qualify for the bad beat on the same table, the 2 highest hands will be considered for the jackpot
*Should 2 or more tables qualify for the bad beat at the same time, the jackpot will be awarded to the table that started the hand first according to the Party Poker server time.
*Players cannot collude or reveal what they have to other players at anytime during the considered hand. Any such behavior will disqualify the hand.

Biggest Jackpot Paid Out

The biggest jackpot at was just over $1.2 million, basically tying the bad beat jackpot hit at Aced.