Get Paid to Play Poker

Ever wonder how players get paid to play poker? There are two basic ways to get paid to play poker, prop playing and rake back. Prop playing is where a poker room pays players to basically fill a seat and play hands. It is usually paid on a per hour basis, but the rates are so low that it isn’t a very popular method anymore. The most popular way to get paid to play is with poker rake back.

We have negotiated rake back offers with a few of the best online poker sites. Qualifying for rake back is as easy as choosing a poker room and signing up.

How can I get deals on rake back?

It used to be reserved only for the a select few. However, online pokers best kept secret is that rake back is available to a lot more players. As poker has grown and online poker rooms continue to become more competitive, many online poker rooms are now offering rake back to a lot more players in a way to keep the more serious players coming back to their poker site.

How do I sign up?

1. Visit a rake back page.

2. Scroll down and find the poker room you would like to sign up for and click on the links.

3. Create an account and you MUST enter the appropriate bonus code to receive rake back and a special bonus. You will find the bonus code for each site on our rake back page along with a sample form on where to enter it.

4. Confirm account and email on the rake back page.

5. Enjoy your rake back!

What is rake back?

All poker sites take a small percentage of each pot as a charge for running the poker games. Most sites take 5% of each pot with a maximum of $3-5. Rake back allows a player to get a percentage of the rake they generate back. That money is paid to the player on a monthly basis and is typically deposited directly into that players account. That money can either be cashed out or used as additional bank roll. Some people look at this as a way to actually get paid to play poker.

Who qualifies for poker rake back?

Anyone is eligible. Just negotiate with poker sites to get the best deal possible. To qualify for rake back deals, simply find a rake back site and create a new account.

How and when do I get paid?

Payments are made directly to your player account. From there you can choose to withdraw the funds or add them to your online bank roll.

What qualifies as a raked hand?

That is simply any hand that rake is taken or ‘dropped’. Most poker sites have a “no flop, no drop” policy, which means that if there isn’t a flop then no rake is taken.

Can I still get other bonuses?

Yes, however some poker rooms will deduct bonuses from your rake before your rake back is determined.