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tommy vedesPlayer Profile: Tommy Vedes

Real Name: Tommy Vedes
Handle: n/a
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Country: USA (a native of Queens)

Tommy Vedes is a player whose star is on the rise. You could be excused for asking, Tommy Who? Because you’d only have known the name if you’ve been watching poker stats with extreme attention to detail over the last five years.

But make no mistake, after his performance at this year’s World Poker Tour Fests al Lago, you’ll be hearing it a lot more. Because this plucky player managed to pull of a first place win worth more than $1.2 despite spending most of the game with the short stack.

Learning the Game

Vedes learned the game of poker growing up by playing a weekly game with his father and uncle. He has been working on his professional game for at least 10 years now. Most poker sites you visit, if they track him at all, will only show action on his behalf going back to 2006. Doubtless, they’ll be tracking him now.

First Big Poker Appearance

Although Vedes has been playing for most of his adult life, our research shows that his first appearance on the scene happens in 2005 with an 8th place finish at the Bellagio Friday No Limit Hold’em tournament.

Other Notable Wins

This was followed by a respectable 13th place finish in the Event 9 No Limit Hold’em tournament at the 2006 World Series of Poker. 2007 was a slow year for Vedes; regardless of what he made in private and cash games, his only recorded tournament event was cashing $484 in a HORSE game at the 1st Annual Binions Poker Classic, in which he placed 22nd.

In 2008 he begins to become a serious contender. In February of that year he places 1st in the Deep Stack Extravaganza, Event 13 – a $500 buy in No Limit game. It’s significant in that this is the first time he clocks a decently sized tournament, and cashes what appears to be a personal best (up until this point) of $57,740.

For the rest of 2008, he continues to play consistently, never leaving a tournament with less money than he took into it. Notably, he crashes out of Event 19 of the World Series of Poker 2008 in 269th position, but still doubling the $1,500 it cost him to go in.

2009 WSOP and Beyond

He starts to come into his own at the 2009 World Series of Poker, where he manages to hang in all the way to 19th position. This appears to be the first time Vedes buys into such an expensive tournament: $10,000, but his $352,832 cash winnings more than makes up for the initial investment, and probably does his confidence a whole lot of good too.

He follows this up with a first place win at the World Poker Open. It’s a $1,000 buy-in event and he cashes $41,629, but he’s on a roll now.

In September 2009 he narrowly avoids disaster at the World Poker Tour Cyprus classic. The buyin costs him $10,000 and he gets eliminated 18th with a $17,300 cash – still in the green but a little too close for comfort.

And then the moment of glory – the single event that makes the media and the rest of the poker fraternity sit up and take notice: Tommy Vedes plays a No Limit Hold’em Championship at the World Poker Tour Festa Al Lago Classic. He outlasts 275 other players to take first place in the prestigious tournament, and takes down a first place prize of over $1.2 million.

What’s next for Tommy Vedes? Only time can tell, but if you ask us, he’ll be clocking more tournament wins before the decade is out.