Online Poker Pro: Ram Vaswani – Crazy Horse

ram-vaswani-138x92Player Profile: Ram Vaswani

Name: Ram Vaswani
Handle: Crazy Horse
Age: 39
Gender: Male
Country: UK (Finchley)

Early Start for Ram

We’ve been reading a lot lately about professional poker players who got their start at a tender young age. Well, none ever got started as young as Ram Vaswani: his earning career kicked off at the age of 12.

We’re not implying for a second that there’s a casino or poker room out there that would let a 12 year old through their doors. No, Vaswani got his start hustling his fellow students in penny games on a school trip. Since his candy-buying funds were really low, he decided to augment his bankroll by play penny-stakes poker with his fellow classmates.

It didn’t take too long for the game to get broken up by a concerned teacher (no playing for cash, lads), but by then Vaswani had made enough loot to buy his pile of candy. The next time the teacher walked in on the game, it was for sweets.

Snooker to Poker

Interestingly, despite his early start in the game, Vaswani didn’t start out as a pro poker player, but rather turned his attention to snooker. He hustled throughout his teens, and began a successful run playing professional snooker when he turned 18. By the time he was 20, though, he realised he’d gone as far as he was going to go with the snooker, and that although he was skilful, and was earning well, he was never likely to exceed the level he as playing at.

Official Start to Poker Career

And so he returned to poker. He credits the Victoria Casino as being the location where he honed his early game, playing £100 tournaments. Later he set up a private poker game with his friend Joe Beevers, and along with Ross Boatman and his brother Barney, began playing poker as a team – the now notorious Hendon Mob.

Although his fellow Hendon Mob members refer to Vaswami as “the Quiet one”, the first poker press article to cover the Hendon Mob referred to him as “The Looks,” on the basis that the rest of the team weren’t much to look at. Nevertheless, the Mob have done exceedingly well at tournaments all over Europe, and continue to be big earners today.

Crazy Horse Ram

Nevertheless, at the tables his opponents call him “Crazy Horse”. He gets this name because his playing style tends to fluctuate between an intensely tight game and making wild betting runs while holding nothing at all. And it’s not as though, sitting opposite him, you can tell which style he’s currently adopting. Your only choice is to call him and see. It could be an extremely costly mistake if you don’t have the nuts.

In a personal capacity, Vaswani has a long career of excellent tournament achievements that includes more than 17 cash finishes and at least 2 first place finishes, one at the European Poker Tour, and one at the World Series of Poker.

WSOP and Other Notable Wins

In fact, he’s cashed at the World Series of Poker more than 10 times, starting with the 2001 WSOP Event 22, where he came in 11th and cashed $13,340 off a $3,000 buy in. His first really big tournament win came the following year when he cleaned up almost $100,000 coming 3rd in Event 2 of the WSOP.

Other notable wins include a 3rd place finish worth $150,000 in 2004, a 1st place at the European Poker Tour Irish Masters which earned him €93,000, and a 2007 first place finish at the WSOP Event 53, where he cleaned up $217,000. Currently, his tournament earnings exceed $2.7 million.