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martonasPlayer Profile: “martonas”

Real Name: Unknown
Handle: martonas
Age: Unknown
Gender: Unknown
Country: Sweden (unconfirmed)

In August of 2009 a new player burst onto the online scene with a bang. Described by many as a “bomb”, the player known only as “martonas” created a storm by calling out some of online poker’s biggest players – and beating them.

In the opening weeks of his online career (and our reference to martonas as “he” is only a guess), martonas racked up a multi million dollar fortune playing nosebleed stakes poker against some of the best, brightest, and finest online poker players in the game today. He lived exclusively at the $500/$1,000 tables, and dealt massive damage to poker’s royalty.

Taking on the Pros

Tom Dwan, Gus Hansen, Patrick Antonius, David Beyamine and Phil Ivey are just some of the players who dropped seven figure sums to this new player. Within days the Internet was abuzz. Who was this player? How could he play so recklessly? Armchair analyses of his playing style and speculations about his identity clogged forums across the net.

Because the fact is, martonas plays without fear. Watching him in action, it is clearly not a case of “any two cards” – there’s definitely a decision making process at work, it’s just that the conclusions reached are far outside the boundaries of anything most people would be comfortable with. He takes incredible risks, the likes of which even seasoned players would quail at, yet he often pulls them off. And in that lies his strength.

Losing it All Back

But it wasn’t to last. As fast as martonas’s star rose, it crashed. He began to lose, epically. Perhaps it was because people began to realize that the extent of his risk taking meant that calling him when he seemed strongest was not always the risk they thought it was. And his monster bankroll, constructed from pillaging the bankrolls of the the superstars, went right back where it came from.

Soon martonas became the most sought out player on the high end tabled of Full Tilt Poker not because the challenge was so extreme, but because he’d become the biggest fish on the site, and an encounter with martonas could pay for a yacht.

As quickly as he had arrived, martonas vanished from the scene. Rumors indicated that he was bust, and this tended to be born out by the fact that martonas has been spotted playing on low end $25 dollar tables – most likely in an attempt to build his bankroll back up.

These days his appearances are less frequent, but when he does show up, it’s on the bleeding nose stakes tables. Clearly his bankroll isn’t exhausted yet.

Who really is martonas?

The subject of most intrigue has been: who is martonas? There are many theories. Some think he’s durrrr in disguise. Some think he’s a British businessman who decompresses by playing high stakes online poker.

There seems to be some credence, however, in the idea that martonas is a Swede. Many people claim that martonas is in fact Swedish poker pro Jonas “Nebuchad” Danielson, a player mentored by Martin De Knijff. This idea has been largely (but not conclusively) debunked.

The idea that martonas is a Swede continues to stick because a journalist from Sweden wrote an article recently claiming that martonas was a native of Gothenburg, and is only 18 years old. The article claims that martonas is so strict about maintaining his anonymity because he’s afraid of Swedish tax regulations.

One thing is certain: whenever martonas shows up on the Full Tilt felt, there’s going to be some bloody action.