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It seems that everyone has the same list of online poker pros. We have looked for the up and coming online poker pros that are making a name for themselves in the online poker world.

Player Profile: Tommy Vedes

tommy vedesTommy Vedes is a player whose star is on the rise. You could be excused for asking, Tommy Who? Because you’d only have known the name if you’ve been watching poker stats with extreme attention to detail over the last ten years.

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Player Profile: “martonas”

martonasIn August of 2009 a new player burst onto the online scene with a bang. Described by many as a “bomb”, the player known only as “martonas” created a storm by calling out some of online poker’s biggest players – and beating them.

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Player Profile: Isaac Baron

isaac baronIsaac Baron has achieved more in his short career than most players will achieve in a lifetime. Only 27 years old, Isaac burst onto the scene playing online games exclusively for the simple reason that he was more easily able to lie about his age .

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Player Profile: Joe Sebok

joe-sebok-123x92You would think that growing up as the adopted son of Barry Greenstein would have a lot to do with Joe Sebok being the exceptional level of poker player that he is. You would imagine childhood games and father-son coaching sessions. You would be wrong.

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Player Profile: Justin Bonomo

justin-bonomo-105x92The Internet is littered with young players that have exploded onto the scene, won a big tournament, and then vanished again once their 15 minutes of fame had run out. Visit the front page of any major poker news website for examples of this.

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Player Profile: Alex Jacob

alex_jacob_104x92Alex Jacob’s story reads something like a fairytale: the kid could have done anything. Brilliant and charismatic, almost any career would have opened its door to him. Instead, he decided to become a pro poker player – and has done exceedingly well out of it.

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Player Profile: David Ulliot

devil-fishWhile David Ulliot can’t be described as an up-and-coming poker player, he is perhaps one of the most colorful characters in the game. His early life story reads like a fantastic adventure novel: Ulliot came up hard.

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Player Profile: James Mackey

james-mackeyJames Mackey’s appearance is deceptive. He’s skinny, and his fine bone structure gives him a delicate look that makes you think he’s even younger than he actually is. He wears his hair in a trademark pudding bowl trim, its flaming red color is the only warning of the danger you’re in.

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Player Profile: Ram Vaswani

ram-vaswani-138x92We’ve been reading a lot lately about professional poker players who got their start at a tender young age. Well, none ever got started as young as Ram Vaswani: his earning career kicked off at the age of 12.

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