Lock Poker Leaves Cake

What is pushing poker sites such as Sportsbook Poker and PlayersOnly to move from the Cake Poker Network to the fledgling Merge Gaming Poker Network?

While these two sites are scheduled to join the Merge network next month, the latest news to come out of the industry is that the two year old Lock Poker site has also announced its intentions to migrate.

It goes without saying that the addition of three poker rooms will do much to bolster the traffic at Merge, which has been suffering a decline in players in the past half a year or so.

Cake Poker, however, has actually seen an increase in traffic, so it is interesting to see whether the departure of three poker rooms will directly impact the traffic on both platforms.

By moving to the Merge network, Lock Poker will continue to offer its games and services to US poker players. The founder and Chief Executive Officer of Lock, Jennifer Larson explained why she had chosen Merge as the optimal platform to migrate to.

“They are aggressive, innovative and very progressive in design and development,” she said. “They are also dedicated to allowing their partners to be authentic which is integral to the success of a network in the long-term.”

The Merge network will certainly benefit from the addition of such as a high profile site such as Lock Poker, which hosted the Bluff Online Poker Challenge.

The site carries a contingency of Lock Pros such as Eric “Rizen” Lynch who contributes to Bluff and is also the VP of Product Development at Lock Poker. “I am very excited about the move to the Merge network and I will be working closely with them to further innovate Lock’s product,” he said.

“We are thrilled to be working with such an innovative and experienced marketing group,” said the Chief Executive Officer of the network, Anthony Taylor. “This deal will bring even more liquidity to the network and aid our continued growth.”

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