Ladbrokes Bad Beat Jackpot Review
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Qualifying Hand
8 8 8 8
Min Table Rake
50 cents
Player Min
4 players
Ladbrokes Bad Beat Jackpot Review

Important Note: Ladbrokes no longer accepts players from the USA. We recommend as a trusted poker website with a bad beat jackpot.

Ladbrokes Poker is a mid tier poker site. There is nothing about the site that really reaches out and grabs you, but it does have a small loyal following and player base. The bad beat jackpot at Ladbrokes Poker has fairly standard jackpot requirements, which aren’t too bad. The small player base tends to make the jackpot lag, it takes a long time to build and hit. However, it is worthy of adding to your jackpot site list. We only recommend playing here when the jackpot is big.

Jackpot Payouts:

35% is awarded to the “loosing” hand
17.5% is awarded to the “winning” hand
17.5 is split evenly between the other Players who participated in the hand
20% goes to seed the next bad beat jackpot
10% is retained by the house

Qualifications and Requirements:

  • You must be playing at a table designated for the bad beat jackpot.
  • 4 or more players must participate in the considered hand.
  • The loosing hand must be four of a kind 8’s (8888).
  • Both Players must use both hole cards.
  • A Jackpot Rake must be taken for the considered hand.
  • Players must their own hand independently. No player collusion is tolerated. Any such behavior will result in a disqualification of the considered hand.
  • If two or more hands at the same table qualify for the bad beat in the same hand, then the two highest hands will be considered for the bad beat jackpot.
  • If two or more tables qualify for the bad beat jackpot at the same time, then the table that is completed first according to the Ladbrokes server time will be considered for the bad beat jackpot.
    • Reviewed by Matt White