Full Tilt Poker Hearing Postponed

Frustration, outrage, charges of blackmail. These were just some of the sentiments expressed by online poker players as they watched the events of the last few days unfold surrounding the long-awaited Alderney Gambling Control Commission hearing on the future of Full Tilt Poker. While these players didn’t expect to see their $150 million or so returned to them overnight, they had hoped to see some progress made, or have Full Tilt Poker feel the pressure of a tightening noose. Unfortunately, the hearing started off with massive media hype but ended in a sizzle after both sides ‘agreed’ to have the meeting postponed until September.

The meeting began in London this week, with a request by Full Tilt’s solicitor, Martin Heslop, to postpone the hearing, citing fears of jeopardizing ongoing buyout negotiations by interested European investors as a reason. He also asked for future meetings to be held in private, away from the eyes of the media and players who were not only invited, but also encouraged to attend by the AGCC.

The Alderney Commission discussed the request for a private hearing, and an hour later, frustrated players and the media were ushered out of the room. There are no minutes of the meeting that transpired between the two sides in the private hearing, and the only statement that ended the day was that the meeting was going to be adjourned until September 15th. Poker forums, however, have noted that one of the reasons why the AGCC capitulated to these demands is that Heslop told the commission in no uncertain terms that Full Tilt would promise to pay back the GBP 250,000 in unpaid licensing fees owed to the commission if it granted the motion to have the hearing adjourned. The media went one step further and called this blackmail.

Watch this space as more details of the ongoing Full Tilt saga.

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