Orange Park Poker Room Review

Orange Park Bad Beat Review

This poker room in Northern Florida is very popular, and thus, so is the bad beat jackpot. Most players will choose to play either at Orange Park or Jacksonville Poker room when the bad beat rises at either poker room. The webmasters at Orange Park update their Bad Beat Jackpot daily at Just look on the right hand side and you’ll see the current amounts.

Believe it or not the jackpots are pretty easy to win. You only have to beat Aces full of Jacks to win. The odds are definitely good and worth a try if the jackpot is peaking.

On top of Bad Beat jackpots they have high hand jackpots that usually renew every hour. They change this promotion quite a bit so it’s best to ask what days they’re running them as the poker room website they have is not very informative with promotions.

How high does it get?

Funny enough, as I write this the Bad Beat Jackpot is the biggest it’s ever gotten. It’s over $260,000 and it’s all people are talking about at local rooms around Jacksonville. It’s definitely drawing a lot of players to the tables. But is it worth it? Well they take $1 per hand for the Bad Beat progressive plus 10% up to a max of $5 in rake per hand. They will take $2 even if you don’t see the flop with no chop,chop rule like you can do in Daytona so money goes to the house pretty quickly.

Bad Beat Requirements

* Aces full of Jacks (AAAJJ) beat by quads or better
* Quad 6 6 6 6 or better for 7-card stud
* Quad K K K K or better for Omaha Poker
* 4 players or more at the table
* All texas holdem tables are eligble for the jackpot
* No talking about the BBJ during the hand

Review of the Poker Room

It opened in 2008 and is usually full almost all days of the week, except Tuesday when they are closed. The “wildlife” is pretty out there if you ask me. It’s definitely a melting pot of very strange people. I’m still under the impression that if they used metal detectors at the place, half the people wouldn’t be allowed in. Lock your doors! Other than that the poker room is quite nice, has nice chips, but the cocktail waitresses are slow and didn’t come around fast enough for losing players like me!

Orange Park Poker Room Stakes

The stakes are the typical dull Florida max buy-in of $100 with $2/2, $2/5, and $5/10 no limit poker. Limit games are also basically the same. Also they have 7 card stud but it’s not played that often.

Is it Worth Playing Here?

Eh, if you have nothing better to do it’s good for something to do. The rake is not advantageous for the winning player, the locals are jerks and I just didn’t like the poker room in general. It also has a Kennel crowd mixed in so there are a lot of zombies walking around. Not my favorite poker room in Florida but at the time I played they were new and it took the dealers about a half hour to deal out a few hands but heard they’ve gotten much better as the room has matured.

Also, like the Jacksonville Poker Room, they have great sushi.

Location and Contact Information

It’s easy to find, just look for the big lights and the strip clubs surrounding the place.


455 Park Avenue
Orange Park, Fl

(904) 646-0002

Reviewed by Roger S.