Daytona Poker Room

Daytona Florida Bad Beat Jackpot Review

Daytona has two separate jackpots, one for Texas Hold ‘em and one for Stud. Since Hold ‘em is the more popular game, its jackpot is larger on average than the Stud jackpot. Daytona has a fairly consistent player base, so the bad beat jackpot tends to build fairly quickly. The bad beat rake is $1 from every pot played on every jackpot table.

There are not many tables that do not participate in the bad beat jackpot, but those tables are mostly the lower stakes limit tables. It is best to ask the front desk which tables are eligible. Jackpots have been known to reach into six figures.

Current Bad Beat Jackpot

To find the current jackpot you have to call the pokerroom. Number located at bottom of this page. They don’t have it listed on their website.

Qualifying Hand and Payouts:

Four of a Kind 5’s (5555) beaten by any better hand

50% goes to loser of the hand
25% goes to winner of hand
25% goes to rest of the table

Other Jackpots:

Daytona Beach Kennel club runs various promotions for other jackpots. It is best to check their site before playing for updated jackpot information. Some of the more popular jackpots are royal flush jackpots and high hand payouts.

Bad Beat Requirements

*You must be seated at a bad beat jackpot table
*5 Players must be dealt into the hand for the bad beat to be considered
*Both hands involved must use both hole cards
*Talking about the hand while in play is forbidden

Review of Daytona Poker Room

Daytona Kennel Club is a fairly popular poker room, because it has very little competition in the area. It serves all markets surrounding Daytona as well as Orlando. Daytona Beach Kennel Club offers a dog track with live races, poker room, sports bar and restaurant. The entire complex is very clean and newly renovated.

The staff is courteous for the most part, but there are a 1 or 2 snobby dealers. They have a electronic table management system that immediately alerts the front desk of when a seat is open. The helps reduce waiting times and keeps most tables full during busy hours.

Stakes at the Daytona Poker Room

The maximum buy in at any Florida casino or poker room is $100. It does not matter what game you play. Daytona offers games from $.25/.50 blinds on Limit Hold ‘em tables up to $5/10 NL hold ‘em. But of course, NL hold em is the most popular game. Also, they do offer a decent mix of tournaments throughout the week. We advise checking the tournament schedule on their site for a complete list.

Food Review

Daytona Beach Kennel Club offers a pretty large selection of food. Mainly, because of their restaurant that mainly serves the dog track patrons. However, a limited menu is offered to the poker room as well. This menu includes bar favorites such as hot dogs and hamburgers. However, they do offer some wraps and sandwiches. I have heard that the restaurant is actually pretty good, but have not yet dared to try some of their pricier items such as their steaks. I usually stick to the club, there isn’t much that can go wrong there and it is pretty easy to eat while playing.

Is it worth playing here?

Daytona Beach Kennel club is the area’s best poker room. The next place I would play is either Orange Park or Jax Poker room, which are both about an hour north of Daytona’s Poker room. The bad beat is a great draw for players. When the jackpot reaches the 6 figure mark, players show up in droves trying to hit it. I find it is best to play at these times, because it tends to bring out a lot of gamblers to the poker room.

Location and Contact Information


960 S. Willamson Blvd.
Daytona Beach, Florida 32114

(386) 252 – 6484



Reviewed by Matt W.