Finding and Playing Loose Online Poker Games

If you’re playing online poker for the purpose of making cash, then playing in loose games is the way to go. A loose poker game is simply one in which there are still a high number of players when the flop comes down and the chips fly on marginal hands. Playing at loose games gives you the best opportunity to take down massive pots.

Loosest Online Poker Room

What is Loose Poker Game?

Typically, when a table is full of experienced players, the power of positioning will mean that of the nine players sat round a table, only two or three will be around when the flop comes down. But in a situation where inexperienced or just plain bad players are at a table, people simply call their way in to see a cheap flop, and no one takes a stand to protect their hand.

Situations like this make for easy online poker because with such a high number of players calling the blinds, the starting pot is massive without anyone even placing a serious bet. It allows a skilled player to take advantage by limping in along with everyone else, and then stealing the pot with a big raise at a well timed moment.

The best part of loose games is that you can get calls when you have a monster. On tight games, the only way you are going to win a big pot with a hand like AAAKK or quads is if someone else has a monster with you. However, on a loose game, you will see many players call with simply top or even middle pair in the hopes you are bluffing. Related to this is the fact that these tables tend to bluff as well. So if you have your monster, lay the trap and let the suckers fall right in.

Finding Easy Poker Sites

Finding sites with loose games is tricky because of course no one wants to advertise themselves as being home to loose games – it’d scare away the fish. However, you can still find loose games by tracking poker forums and by hunting yourself for easy online poker. Here’s how.

Sign up for an account one of the easy online poker websites. You may or may not want to make a deposit; certainly it’s OK to hold off until you’re sure, but it’s worth being ready because in practice most tables actually express their looseness in waves. You don’t want to miss the loose tide.

Finding Loose Games from the Poker Lobby

Players/Flop Percentage: This percentage tells you how many of the seated players see the flop together. The higher the percentage will indicate that it is either a loose and or passive game. It can be one or both, you will have to observe the game to see which it is. In either case, both loose and or passive games are easy to beat.

Hands/Hr: This simply tells how many hands are played per hour. If a lot of players see the flop and the hands per hour is high relative to other games. This tends to indicate that the players aren’t thinking about their hands and are quick to act, which is another good indicator of a loose game.

Average Pot: This tells you what the average pot is per hand. Compare this number to the other pots for the same game type and buy-in. The higher the average indicates a more loose table.

Now head around to where the cash games are being played, and climb on as a rail bird. Spend some time watching the game, and take note of how many players are calling on their hole cards. If a table routinely has four or more players in the pot before the flop, this is a table you want to get into.

Some sites, without specifically advertising themselves as loose, will actually provide data on the average number of players in the pot when you scroll down the list of available tables. This allows a smart poker player to find loose tables more easily, by interpreting this data. The best site that does this is, although you’re sure to find others once you start looking.

Strategy Tips for Loose Poker Sites

When you’re playing at one of the easy poker sites you’ve identified, try to stay away from the Limit games. While it’s true that limit games are looser than any other, the very fact that the betting is limited means that you’ll never be able to bully your way into winning a hand. It’s better to find No Limit Action.

While sitting at a loose table, don’t let the fact that the players around you are idiots in any way distract you from your strategy. You need to play a very tight game, and you’ll probably watch some very fat pots get taken down by rotten, lightweight hands. Use this data. Take note of which players take it all the way to the river in the vain hope of pairing the one decent card in their hand – this will help you later on.

Every so often, take risks with big post-flop raises, but don’t do this often enough to establish a pattern in the minds of the other players. Rather stay tight and bet aggressively when you have a killer hand – but not until you’ve slow played the table into the flop. You’re mostly after the opening bets – you don’t want people calling you. Don’t forget to call some raises with hands like suited connectors and other AA crushers. These hands pay off big against loose players, especially if you have a tight image on the table.

John at has a list of some of the best online poker sites once you move up as compared to simply “easy poker sites” to generate a quick bankroll.