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Top 10 Poker Books

While there’s a lot to be learned about poker by simply going out and playing the game, players can’t over look the advantage of reading on the subject, to pick up skills and stratagems from the masters. In this article, we’ll be looking the top 10 poker books that we think give players some of the best poker advice out there. Poker books help add to a player’s experience on the felt and to see the game through the mind of other poker players.

– Kill Phil (Blair Rodman)
A great poker read for newbies, because it covers most of the bases in terms of general strategies. You’ll learn how to both execute and spot most of the time honoured traps.

– No Limit Texas Hold’em Tournaments (Issa Jouaneh)
This book tends to be aimed at green players. While many of the strategies discussed are useful for an advanced player, the overall coverage means that it’s newbie players who will get the most out of this book, but it’s still on our list of top 10 poker books because of the well organised and thorough way it introduces the subject matter.

– Full Tilt Poker Strategy Guide – Tournament Edition (Michael Craig)
This is too new of a book to call it a classic, but it’s a significant book because it’s written by a player who makes most of his money online. A must read.

– Ace on the River (Barry Greenstein)
A fantastic read, but targeted at experienced players. Full of great anecdotes and strategic insights that you won’t find elsewhere.

– Every Hand Revealed (Gus Hansen)
This is one of the best poker books because it offers rare insight into the mind of a tournament pro. Gus takes you through the Aussie Millions 2007 tournament one hand at a time.

– Farha on Omaha (Sam Farha)
Omaha is rising in popularity as a form of poker – not quite as popular as Texas Hold’em but catching up fast. Read this book if you want to get up to speed on the major differences.

– Caro’s Book of Poker Tells (Mike Caro)
This volume finds itself on our list of top poker books because it’s one of the few out there that focuses almost exclusively on the psychological aspect of the game. In it, Mike Caro helps you understand how poker is almost never about the cards, and that it’s far more likely to be about how another player is behaving. It’s usefulness is limited to an online game, but this book will help you kill in a live situation.

– Phill Helmuth’s Texas Hold’em (Phill Helmuth)
Phill Helmuth has something of a reputation at the poker table. He’s a player with extreme longevity, and while some may find his tilt-inducing style difficult to swallow, there’s no doubt that he’s a skilled and deep thinking strategist. This is one of the top rated poker books for a reason.

– Doyle Brunson’s Super System: A Course in Power Poker (Doyle Brunson)
Whenever you hear this book described, people tend to go crazy about it being one of the best poker books ever written on the subject. We agree – it’s full of some indispensable advice, and at over 600 pages, it’s well worth the money. Highly recommended.

– The Theory of Poker (David Sklansky)
If you have to pick only one poker book to read, pick this one. It is hands down the best poker book ever written. Even though it’s a little older than some others on this list, its wisdom is indisputable.