Poker Bonus Hunting – Online Poker Sigh Up Bonus – Poker Bonus Tips

Bonus Hunting – Finding and Releasing Online Poker Bonuses

The art of Bonus Hunting is the practice of making cash by specifically looking for, and taking advantage of, the new player signup bonuses that most poker sites offer to attract new players. This practice is particularly effective with online poker because while bonus hunting requires gambling at online casinos (potentially going all wrong), there is no such risk at an online poker site – provided you’re smart. In this article we’ll give you some poker bonus tips on how to make the most out of bonus hunting.

You can be a successful bonus hunter even if you have no clue how to play poker. Having said that, knowing a little bit about the game will help you be a more effective and profitable hunter. So yes, if you have time, invest a little of it in reading up about how to play poker, and what the basic strategies are.

Before we talk more about that, let’s cover the basic concepts of poker bonus hunting

How Poker Bonus Hunting Works

In a nutshell, the idea is to locate poker sites that offer cash signup bonuses. Assess the release requirements to work out how many hands you’d need to play and how long that would take, and then go ahead and achieve this with the least amount of risk possible. Since most online poker sites will offer to double your money, you can make a fair amount of money this way if you are a careful player.

Finding Poker Bonuses

Step one involves locating poker sites that offer an online poker sign up bonus. This shouldn’t be too hard because most of them do, but you can make things easier on yourself by using sites like this one to get a listing of the top operators out there and a shortlist of the bonuses on offer. This can save you hours of trawling through search engine results to find the best ones.

Once you’ve seen a site you like, do some research on the fine print of the bonus. Most poker sites won’t simply dump the bonus into your account; they’ll release it once you’ve played a certain number of raked hands. This means you can only achieve the bonus requirements by sitting in at a ring game table, not by playing tournament games. From the fine print, you’ll find out how many hands you need to play to unlock the bonus.

Next, take advantage of the online poker sign up bonus by making a cash deposit – Then seat yourself at a cash game, and play tight. Look for cheap flops, even if you have 7 2 off suit late position, call the big blind just to get into the raked pot. Read on the minimum pot size requirements for the site you are playing at, as this will help you determine what pot size you will need to enter to get credit for it.

Bonus Codes – Referral Codes – Marketing Codes

Some bonuses will be automatic, meaning that the bonus will be rewarded to you (but not released) upon sign up and deposit. However, many bonuses including re-load bonuses will require a code. For example: We have exclusive bonus codes for PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker. Our PokerStars marketing code is PSABBJ50 and our Full Tilt Poker bonus code is BBJ600. These are sign-up bonus codes. To redeem them, you will simply need to input them in a required box upon sign up. As illustrated by the example below.


Poker Bonus Tips

Play Smart: This is the stage when having some poker skill helps, but isn’t required. The idea is not to get pulled into taking stupid risks – gambling is not allowed here. While you may win some hands, the aim is simply to fulfill the bonus requirements, not to get sucked into the game. Thus, fold often, and only play hands you can tell are strong. High pairs and strong suited connectors are best. By maintaining a tight, conservative game, you’ll be able to complete the bonus requirement without risking your bankroll – and will effectively double it.

Simply Bonus Strategy: If you don’t know too much about poker and want to play really conservative while you get the hang of it, but also take advantage of the bonuses, follow this basic strategy to tight poker. Fold every single hand unless it’s a monster. Simply toss the cards out unless they happen to be a high pair like A-A, K-K, Q-Q or J-J. Only ever check if you’re the big blind.

Release Requirements: One thing many players miss are the bonus requirements. Some poker sites will offer huge bonuses, but they will be next to impossible to release. Release requirements are simply the minimum tasks players must complete in order for the bonus to be ‘released’ to your account. Most requirements are simply raked hand requirements, which require you to play a minimum of “raked hands”. Keep in mind, most bonuses will be allow you to play tournaments to release your bonus. You will more than likely have to play ring games.

Max Bonus: Most bonuses will have a maximum bonus. If you are simply bonus hunting and a site has a 100% deposit bonus up to $300, it doesn’t really benefit you to deposit too much more than that, unless you want to play higher stakes. It seems like common sense, but it is something to keep in mind.