Most Common Online Poker Tells

Online Poker Tells

The biggest difference between an online poker game and live game is that you cannot physically see your opponents. If you are the sort of poker player that struggles to hide your emotions from your fellow players, you might think that playing online is a safer option for this very reason.

But don’t assume that simply because your opponents can’t see your face that you’re in a position of bulletproof safety – there are a host of online poker tells that can be as revealing as wincing when you get dealt old bus tickets. In this article, we’ll look at some of the most common ones.

Speed Kills

Nearly all poker websites will pop up a list of buttons you can use to make decisions as soon as the hole cards are dealt. Many players will tend to use them to make decisions before it’s their turn – and this helps to speed up the game.

But it’s also a fatal flaw. It can be as revealing about a player’s game as being able to peer over their shoulder. Any instant action that a player performs means they chose it ahead of time, which can give you clues to their intent.

For example, an instant check can mean they just want to see a cheap flop. An instant call can be a tip that they’re holding a dynamite hand. An instant raise could be an indicator that bullying is just a strategy they like to employ.

Try to pair this instant behaviour with their actual hands, if you get a chance to see them. Almost nothing is more revealing in online play.

Blah Blah Blah- Chat Box

The chat box in a poker client can be one of the biggest sources of online poker tells, not so much in what you can learn from what people are saying, but more specifically in what they are *not* saying.

Case in point – you will often find players chatting merrily during the early stages of a poker tournament. If you’re careful, you might even encourage this behavior. But if someone is twittering along merrily and then suddenly goes silent, chances are that they have just been dealt a hand that requires all of their concentration. Careful!

Chat boxes are also a fairly good indicator of when players are starting to tilt. There are few things more profitable to a skilled player than facing off against a player who has lost it.

Instant Resurrection

If you get cleaned out at a poker game, the wise thing to do is to walk away, cool off, and think about what went wrong. The stupid thing to do is to walk away, source more cash, and come right back. Yet the number of people who do this is amazing.

If you spot a player on your table go all in and get taken out despite having a strong hand, the chances are high that this player is going to be upset. Not everyone can just chalk it up to experience. If you then see that player reload their account and reappear at the table, you’re in for some fun times.

The player is going to be burning up about the loss, and will not be concentrating properly. This is the best time to lay traps, and to call bluffs, because their focus is going to be on trying to make back what they’ve already lost.