Managing Different Poker Accounts

Managing Different Poker Accounts

Managing different poker accounts If you’re serious about your online poker, you’ll often find that there’s a serious benefit to maintaining accounts at many different poker sites. Understand – we’re not suggesting you try to open multiple accounts at one poker site (that’s cheating). Instead, we’re tipping you to the idea that by opening a single account at multiple real money poker sites, you can take advantage of a great many more special offers than you would be able to if you stuck with just one site.

Once you decide to play online poker with real money, you’ll notice that most poker sites will offer you a bonus for making your first cash deposit (and sometimes offer additional bonuses every time you deposit). Unlike online casinos, which offer games of pure chance, online pokers sites will not dump the bonus into your account. Rather, they’ll release it in stages as you play more and more raked hands. How quickly and profitably you get your bonus, therefore, really comes down to how skilled a poker player you are. But let’s assume for a second that you don’t completely suck at the game.

Not for the Fish

For the purposes of this article, we’re going to work on the premise that you’re the kind of poker player who doesn’t crash out of a tournament within 5 hands, who doesn’t go all in on any 2 cards, and who can actually play decently enough to hold their own in a ring game. If this is you, then maintaining multiple accounts is a serious strategy to acquiring extra wealth and bonuses. Here’s how.

Choosing Sites

First, make a list of real money poker sites that you’d like to play at. The primary criterion you should use to do this is player traffic (which is an indicator of the amount of action you can find) and banking options. You’re looking for sites that offer both deposit and withdrawal to the same set of options. From this list, pick a funding solution that works at most of your chosen poker sites – ideally an e-wallet payment solution. The reason for this is that many sites will actually give you an additional bonus for using e-wallets instead of credit cards, and will most often not charge a service fee for processing money to and from them. Also, e-wallet payments are generally realtime – so there’s no waiting involved.

Bad Beat Jackpots

Having multiple accounts is especially beneficial to players in search of the largest bad beat jackpots. This allows you to simply play at the poker room with the largest jackpot at the time, which allows you to maximize the benefit of hitting the jackpot if you get lucky, but also take advantage of the loose play that large jackpots tend to attract.

Use Ewallets

Then download poker software from the site of your choice, and open an account, taking maximum advantage of the bonus offered for a first time cash deposit. We recommend using a poker ewallet for managing your funds between various accounts. This allows you to transfer money between poker accounts without having to use multiple transactions with your bank or credit card. The most popular ewallet is ewalletxpress.