Most Common Poker Mistakes – Online Poker Mistakes

Top 10 Mistakes in Online Poker

Players who’ve started out at small private games often fall into some fairly standard traps when they head into the online poker world. In this article, we’ll be looking at the most common poker mistakes that players make online. Hopefully you’ll be able to use this list to avoid crashing out in the same way.

10. Reliance on the Buttons
Most online poker client software uses a range of buttons that let you make your decisions before it’s even your turn to act. While this helps to speed up a game, it also tips your hand in that it makes it appear that you haven’t thought about your action at all, because it’ll be instantly enacted by the software when your turn comes round. Rather breath deeply and wait your turn.

9. Not using Auto-Mucking
Auto-Muck is the only exception to the rule. Turn this on the moment you join a table. The temptation to show your cards after winning a hand can be strong but it is simply never a good idea to ever show other players the cards you use to base a decision unless you’re going to show down.

8. Playing bigger games than you’re ready for
Playing online is far faster and far more intense than a live game. If you are new to the experience, stay away from high value cash tables until you have control of the platform. Site regulars are just waiting for naïve fish to join the table.

7. Gambling
One of the biggest poker mistakes that new online players make is relying on the odds. Since you can’t read body language in an online game, there’s a temptation to simply roll the dice. Resist it and learn the online game.

6. Chatting
The fact is, you’re not here to make friends. You’re here to pillage people’s bank rolls. Using the chat box only gives away your personality, which can be used against you. Keep silent.

5. Losing focus
At a live game, you’re sat at the felt, and you’re focused on the game. When playing at online poker websites, there’s a temptation to read email or surf the web at the same time you’re playing. This is how games – and bankrolls – are lost.

4. Calling too much
Live games have a slow pace, but online games can see multiple hands played per minute. This can give you a skewed sense of what’s going on, and can have you calling hands you would never otherwise. Don’t feel you have to call just because the game’s moving quickly – it won’t help you to get into a pot with no cards.

3. Raising on the River
Raising on the river isn’t an incorrect strategy, particularly if you’re holding the nuts and you’re playing against the type of idiots who’ll stay in a hand just to see what happens. But this is hardly ever the case. If you’re genuinely holding the nuts, a strong raise can scare off other players. Rather check, and then call their raise – you’ll make more money this way.

2. Excessive bluffing
Bluffing is a great live poker stratagem, but can be one of the biggest online poker mistakes. This is partly because of the speed of the game. It might go unnoticed over time at a live game, but players will pick up on it quicker online, as there’s less to distract them. Bluff with caution.

1. Trying to make your stack back after a big loss
This is never a good idea, and tops our list of most common poker mistakes. Everyone has a bad day once in a while, and it’s never fun having a bite taken out of your stack, but throwing in money to chase lost money is a fatal mistake. You’re almost guaranteed to play on tilt, and your recent loss will have the sharks circling. Rather stop, and come back the next day once you’ve cooled off.