Making a Poker Withdrawal

Making a Poker Withdrawal

Making a poker withdrawal is easy. When you have a nice balance in your poker account, you should make your withdrawal. There are a few thing to pay attention to however, when making withdrawals, this article should give you a few things to consider regarding online poker withdrawals.

Bonuses and Withdrawal Requirements

You’ll need to check that you have met all the wagering requirements on any bonuses that you have accepted before you choose to cash out, because the online poker websites don’t always tell you about your bonus status, and if you make a withdrawal before you’ve met your wagering requirements, any money related to bonuses will be removed from your account. The site will often not warn you before they do it, and then it is simply too late. If you are not sure, check with customer service before you apply for your online poker withdrawal.

Withdrawal Method

One very important thing to pay attention to is your poker withdrawal method. There are a number of methods available for withdrawing funds on each site. Each method has advantages and disadvantages. Any method which involves the postal service, for example, is likely to be slow. Additionally, you will be unable to track the transaction. It is a better idea to use an ewallet or another method which uses instant payments. If you use an instant payment method, then as soon as the withdrawal is approved, you will have your cash. This also gives you more control over the situation. You’ll know right away if there is any sort of problem.

Withdrawal Trouble Shooting

If there is a problem, you have a few options. First, you should contact customer support. Sometimes, there is simply missing paperwork, and you’ll need to get the paperwork in in order to complete your online poker withdrawal. Second, you should check and see if the online poker website that you’re using is a member of any online gaming watchdog group. If they are, then that group may be willing to help you get your cash out. Third, you can go to the jurisdiction in which the online poker room is registered. Some jurisdictions are more helpful than others. Kahnawake, for example, will often put pressure on online poker rooms licensed in their jurisdiction to pay players if there is a problem.

Use the Poker Community

Another option, which should be reserved for extreme circumstances, is to go to one of the online casino or poker news sites or an online poker forum and air your grievance there. Be aware, however, that this will not win you any friends. You may get your money back, but you will likely be kicked off of that online poker site immediately afterwards. On the other hand, if a site isn’t prompt and conscientious about its payments, then you probably really don’t want to play there anyway.

To Withdraw or Not to Withdraw

What many people mistakenly believe about poker withdrawals is that you should leave some cash in your account to make sure that you can still play online poker when you want to play without having to make a whole new deposit the next time. This is only true if there isn’t a bonus available each time you deposit. Since many sites offer a new bonus on each deposit, it may be worth withdrawing all winnings each session, or each time you clear a bonus, and starting the next session with a new and fresh bonus!