Largest Bad Beat Jackpot

Bad Beat Jackpot Hits for $1.2 Million

Online bad beat jackpots have not been very common until recently. This promotion is undoubtedly one of the most popular draws to land based casinos. Fortunately, they are gaining in popularity and availability online. One of the biggest advantages of online jackpots however, is the massive potential to the size of the online jackpots. This is mainly due to the amount of hands per hour that can be played online and the number of tables that can play on a server vs a land based poker room; both of which equal to a ton of action contributing to the jackpot.

The largest jackpot hit so far was on the network for $1.2 Million in March ’09. The player with the “losing” hand held by RUGGIO was awarded $417,396. The “winning” hand held by AELANI was awarded $209,000. The rest of the awarded jackpot was split among the remaining players who played in the bad beat hand, each player received $41,000.

After the bad beat was hit, the money was immediately distributed to everyone’s seated position and chips began to rain down onto the table as bells rang and a bad beat graphic showed on the table. This is certainly the equivalent of hitting the lotto.

The best part of the bad beat is the chat. Only a few players began saying anything. After everyone realized what happened the chat erupted. One person moaned how they weren’t dealt in so they didn’t get any of the split. The rest of the chat was filled with players asking how to cash out and how much everyone made. You can definitely feel the excitement on the table. You can find the chat transcript here: Largest Bad Beat Jackpot

Watch how the hand went down: