The Future of Online Poker

The Future of Online Poker

The future of online poker has never looked brighter. Online poker has taken the world by storm and more players are joining every single day. Each online poker website tries to offer something new and original and many succeed. There are new types of tournaments offered, new types of games, new types of bonuses, and improvements on current games.

Online Tournaments

One of the most exciting trends in online poker is the improvement in tournaments. There are new types of online poker tournaments coming out every single day. Among the latest types of tournaments offered are shootout or bounty tournaments. In a bounty tournament, players get a certain amount of prize money each time they eliminate another player. Another type of tournament which has gained much popularity lately is the cashout tournament. In a cashout tournament, players can cash out some of their winnings mid-tournament, relinquishing all claims to the jackpot. Weaker players are really enjoying this type of tournament as it means that they can cash in their winnings earlier in the tournament without having to face the dangers of the final table. These tournaments are also an advantage for those players who suddenly have to leave in the middle of the tournament. Instead of forfeiting their winnings, they can simply cash out mid-tournament.

New Games

The future of online poker will definitely feature more different types of games. Many online poker sites still offer just the bare minimum. They offer Texas holdem, Omaha and Omaha hi-low, and seven card stud. By contrast, many of the better online poker providers offer games such as razz and seven card stud eight or better. Some offer HOSE and HORSE. In order to keep up in a competitive market, online poker sites will need to offer all of the games played at the World Series of Poker.

Poker on the Go

One of the big things we can look forward to in the future of poker is more handheld versions of online poker games. With the phenominal increase in handheld devices such as the IPhone, the ITouch, RIM Blackberry devices, Google’s Android devices, Palm’s TREO devices, and more, it is clear that online poker for the handheld device is going to become much more popular. Just as each day, more and more people use messengers, Twitter, and Facebook from their phones and handheld devices, so too more people play games, and they will no doubt want to play poker on their devices. Those sites that make handheld versions with good interfaces will attract a wealth of clientele.

Future of Legal Poker

What remains up in the air in terms of the future of online poker is the legalization question, particularly in the United States. With congressmen fighting both for and against legalization, it is hard to know what will happen. Each state has an agenda. Some, like Utah, believe it is a moral issue. Others, like Nevada, are concerned with their own state’s revenues. Still others simply realize that online poker is a reality and are seeking to regulate it as well as possible while trying to draw tax dollars from online poker.

As a result, it is difficult to see what the precise future of online poker is.Hopefully, there will be more countries that will allow online poker ventures to operate from within them, and hopefully, online poker will be better regulated, as it only takes a few poorly regulated sites to make the whole world of online poker look shady and unregulated to potential new players.