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Online Casino Jackpots

Casino jackpots are also known as progressive jackpots. The value of these jackpots rise a small amount each time a game is played, such as a hand of black jack or a pull at a slot machine. Most jackpots are “pooled” together from many different tables or machines to create a massive jackpot. These games can be fun and exciting all on their own, but we personally like the added chance at striking it rich that progressive jackpots provide.

These casino jackpots are huge attractions at casinos because they can grow to be very large amounts and offer a huge payoff with a very small investment. Jackpots can grow into the millions depending on the game and “network” of games being played. Naturally, you will want to look for the jackpot that is the largest for the game you are interested in playing.

There many different kinds of casino jackpots available online. We have broken these into four main categories; Slots, Table/Card Games, Video Poker and Other Jackpots.

Progressive Slots Jackpots

Slot jackpots are the most popular among all progressive jackpots. Progressive slots play exactly the same as regular slots. The only difference is that you have an additional chance to win a massive jackpot based on a certain event. Slots, like all casinos games, are games of chance. You place your bet, select the spin button and wait for the outcome. The jackpots are typically won by hitting the winning combination while placing a maximum allowable bet. It is that simple.

Some progressive jackpots have smaller networks than others, while others involve many different casinos on a much larger network. The larger network jackpots build more quickly and tend to reach higher amounts. Those are typically the most popular progressive jackpots that players tend to play.

Table and Card Game Progressive Jackpots

Table game progressive jackpots allow players to win large jackpots while playing games like Blackjack, Baccarat, Poker, Roulette, etc. These games have a higher degree of skill because you have slightly more control over the action. These games allow you to implement more strategy than most other games of chance at a casino.

Card Game Jackpots- These jackpots are typically won by beating the dealer with a specific hand. To qualify for the jackpot, you will normally have to place a side bet along with your regular bet that you normally place on each game.

Table Games- These jackpots are normally won on games like roulette for example, if a combination of successive events occurs. Like the card games, a side wager must be normally be placed in order to qualify for the jackpot.

Poker Jackpots- These jackpots are typically referred to as poker bad beat jackpots and are eligible at any bad beat poker table. These jackpots are awarded when a qualifying hand such as Four of a Kind 7’s (7 7 7 7) are beat by a better hand.

It is best to check the hand and side bet requirements at each casino for the jackpot you wish to participate in, since each game and casino may differ.

Video Poker Progressive Jackpots

Video poker is an exciting game that combines the fast paced action of slots with the added element of strategy used in poker. A Five card hand is dealt and you then get to decide what hands you would like to discard or replace in hopes of drawing a better five card hand. The card rankings are exactly like poker where they rank from Ace high up to the Royal Flush. Most video poker games start with payouts on a certain pair such as Jacks or better which typically pay 1 to 1 and go up to the Royal Flush which pays the highest.

The video poker jackpots are paid by either hitting a royal flush with the max bet or hitting a royal flush in a specific suit (spades, hearts, clubs or diamonds).

Other Progressive Jackpots

These other jackpots are games that do not quite belong in the other major categories. These games include Bingo, Lottery and Keno. Most of these games are strictly games of chance and involve little strategy. Nonetheless, these games can be very exciting especially given the fact that once again, there can be life changing money on the line by hitting one of the progressive jackpots.