Best Poker Jackpot Sites

Jackpots are without a doubt one of the best and exciting promotions that poker rooms offer. While all of the bad beat jackpot sites we review offer the thrill of being able to win large sums of money, there are still a few that offer the most out of this promotion.

Some things to look for when trying to decide what site to play at include the hand requirement, rake requirement and of course the size of the jackpot itself. Most online sites offer very similar bad beat hand requirements and rake requirements. What sets some jackpot sites apart from the rest is how quickly the jackpot builds as well as some unique characteristics of the site itself. The best bad beat jackpot sites are and Both of these sites offer more action, so therefore the jackpots build more quickly than those on other networks. They also offer something unique in the way of the poker sites themselves.

Carbon Poker Bad Beat Jackpot
Bad Beat Hand: Four of a kind 7’s ( 7 7 7 7 )
Rake Requirement: 50 cents
Largest Jackpot Hit: $1.2 Million

Why play at

In addition to the massive jackpots that creates. They offer some very unique features to their players that many live players will appreciate. Two of our favorites are “Run it Twice” and “Show-1 Card”. Running it twice allows two consenting players to run the remaining cards 2 times. The pot is then split between the two outcomes. If one player wins both outcomes, then that player wins the entire pot. Many players like it because it reduces the variance in outcomes. Show 1-Card allows you to reveal one card instead of having to reveal two when you have a choice to muck. Some sites allow you to show both cards when you muck, but by being allowed to only show one card, it can increase the strategy options you can use to keep your opponents guessing.

Absolute Poker Bad Beat Jackpot
Bad Beat Hand: Four of a kind 8’s ( 8 8 8 8 )
Rake Requirement: 50 cents
Largest Jackpot Hit: $861,000

Why play at Absolute Poker?

Absolute Poker offers one of the most unique opportunities offered for bad beat jackpots. Where many sites simply split some portion of the pot among the players at the table where the bad beat jackpot is hit. Absolute Poker splits that portion among everyone playing at the same game type and stakes as the table that hits the bad beat jackpot. So, if the jackpot is hit on a $1/2 NL hold em and you are playing on a $1/2 NL hold em jackpot table, you will be awarded part of the split. As you can see this greatly increases your chances of being awarded part of the bad beat jackpot. They also award every other seated player at the jackpot table with $1000.

Written by Matt W .