Bad Beat Jackpot Tips

Bad Beat Jackpot Do’s and Don’ts

It is rare, but if players break rules, poker rooms can and will disqualify bad beat jackpots. The best thing to do is play it safe when playing at the bad beat jackpot tables. Also, you can miss out on a jackpot by simply not paying attention to some simple requirements. You do not want to be the one responsible for any disqualification of a possible jackpot, so pay attention.

DO play for the largest jackpot

To get the most value from the bad beat jackpot, it is a good idea to play at the site with the highest jackpot. If you are going to win, it would be best to win the highest jackpot at the time, right? Also, other players do this, so you will see player traffic jump for sites with large jackpots. That means lots of fish, which means higher hourly earnings for the better poker players. Luckily, we have taken the hard work out of finding the highest jackpots. All of our jackpots update automatically in real time.

DO check the bad beat requirements before playing

Every poker website is different and each one has different requirements for their bad beat jackpots. This can mean the difference between winning and missing out on a huge sum of cash. Some of the main requirements are below:

Qualifying Hand(s): This will include the low hand to be beaten and in some cases, stipulation on what the hand must contain. The most common case where the hand must contain a certain arrangement of hole cards is four of a kind, where the four of a kind must be a pocket pair.

Pocket Pair Requirement Example:
Example 1: Board A A J J 7… Player 1, AA… Player 2, JJ… would qualify,
Example 2: Board A A A J J… Player 1, AK….Player 2, JJ… would NOT qualify.

Typically though, most poker rooms just state a low hand requirement. So, in most cases both of the above examples would qualify. Notice that Example 2 qualifies, because both players use both hole cards to make the best 5 card hand.

Minimum Rake: This is the minimum rake that is required before the hand will be considered for the bad beat jackpot. These are usually very low and when there are two monster hands, the pot is typically very large, but it is still very important. There was a $350k jackpot missed on the Absolute network because of 25 cents.

Minimum Players: This is the minimum amount of players that need to participate in the hand. That means they must be dealt in for the hand to be considered. If you are seated at a table that does not meet the minimum, we suggest moving tables or opt to be dealt out until the minimum players requirement is met.

DO NOT talk about the hand

This may go without saying, because this is a general rule in poker. Do not talk about the hand when action is left, especially on Bad Beat Jackpot tables. Many times, if a possible bad beat is on the board, players may make comments in their excitement that a bad beat is possible. It doesn’t matter if that player is in the hand or not, a simple comment like that can disqualify the entire table from a bad beat jackpot. You can certainly talk about other things; just avoid talking about the current hand in any way.

DO NOT reveal your cards

This may be even more obvious than the above note, but if you have a possible bad beat hand, keep your cards out of anyone’s view. Do not show them to anyone or tell others what you have. This simple act can also disqualify the entire table from the bad beat jackpot.

DO NOT miss the rake requirement

If you are playing at a poker room where there is a minimum rake requirement, make sure the minimum is met. There was a $350,000 jackpot missed on the Absolute network because of $.25 cents. The hand history defies all logic and some speculate that bots may have been involved in the hand, so therefore required action did not occur.

Higher and lower straight flushes were checked all the way down to the river and the pot held at $4.75, $.25 shy of the pot necessary for the minimum rake requirement. In most cases this would never happen, because if two monster hands like this were in a hand together someone would be betting and the betting should not just end with a call unless it was an all in.

However, some players may check down a monster hand to the river hoping someone else will bet, if a new player is last to act on the river, there is a possibility that the minimum rake requirement won’t be met because they may also check without understanding they should be betting in the first place, especially with the bad beat jackpot min rake requirement.

DO NOT do anything stupid

There isn’t much to say here, just use common sense.