Carbon Poker Bad Beat Jackpot Review
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Qualifying Hand
2 2 2 2
Min Table Rake
50 cents
Player Min
4 players
US accepted bad beat jackpot
carbon-bbj-screenshot-129x161 Bad Beat Jackpot Review is on the Merge network which has gone down in history as holding the record for largest Bad Beat Jackpot hit, $1.2 million with the losing player almost getting a half million of that.  They are a great site to play at because it seems like the jackpot always gets really high and their requirement of quad 2’s is below the industry standard of quad 8’s to get the bad beat jackpot.

Personally, I like this site because of the BIG jackpots.  They rise slow but hit big. Jackpot Payouts:

38% of the jackpot is awarded to the ‘losing’ player
20.5% of the bad beat jackpot is awarded to the ‘winning’ player
20.5% is split among the other seated players at the table
21% seeds the next bad beat jackpot Bad Beat Qualification and Requirements:

*You must be seated at a table designated a bad beat jackpot table.
*4 or more players must have been involved in the bad beat hand.
*The loosing hand must be four of a kind 2’s (2222) or better.

*Both players must use both hold cards.
*A jackpot rake must have been taken for the bad beat hand.
*Collusion is NOT tolerated at CarbonPoker, any behavior that is deemed as collusion by may disqualify the bad beat jackpot from being awarded.

*If more than 2 hands qualify for the bad beat jackpot on the same table at the same time, the highest two hands will be considered for the bad beat jackpot.
*If two or more tables ‘hit’ the jackpot at the same time, the table that started the hand first according to the CarbonPoker server time will be considered for the Jackpot.

Largest Bad Beat Jackpot

The largest jackpot hit on the network has been $1.2 Million.

Updated January 19, 2015