Absolutepoker Bad Beat Jackpot Review
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Qualifying Hand
8 8 8 8
Min Table Rake
50 cents
Player Min
4 players
US accepted bad beat jackpot
Absolute Poker Bad Beat Jackpot Review

Important Note: AbsolutePoker is no longer in existence. We recommend BetOnline.ag as a trusted site with a bad beat jackpot.

Absolutepoker.com is really the poker site that made Bad Beat Jackpots popular. They were the first to really offer players big jackpots, and at one time were the first to have the largest recorded jackpot. This has since been beaten by a site on the Merge Network. Again, the jackpot gets hit a lot but it grows the fastest of all poker sites. It can get hit anywhere from approximately 0-10 times a month. In fact, one player hit it twice in a span of a couple months.

One cool thing that AP does that other Jackpot sites do not is they give players sitting at other jackpot tables a piece of the Bad Beat Jackpot as well. The turbo tables are recommended for the serious Bad Beat hunter.

Absolute Poker Bad Beat Payouts

32.5% is awarded to the “losing” hand

16.25% is given to the “winning” hand

$1000 bonus is awarded to every other seated player at the table

25% goes back to ‘seed’ the next Jackpot. 10% is retained by the network. The remainder is split among the other players playing the same game type and stakes

Absolute Poker Jackpot Qualifications and Requirements

*You must be seated at a table labeled Jackpot or Turbo Jackpot.
*4 or more tables must be dealt into the hand and a table rake paid.
*The loosing hand must be four of a kind 8’s (8888) or better.

*Both players must use both hole cards.
*The hand must be played out and go to a showdown.
*Absolute Poker does not tolerate any collusion. Any behavior that is deemed as such will disqualify the hand from consideration.

*If more than 2 hands qualify for the Bad Beat on the same hand, then the top two hands will deemed the Jackpot hands.
*Should two Jackpots be hit at the exact same time on two different tables, the jackpot will be awarded to the hand that began first according to the AP/UB server times.