Absolute Poker & UB.com Sold to Blanca Games

The poker world learned with surprise this week that the Cereus Poker Network, which incorporates UB.com and Absolute Poker, and is one of our main sponsors with bad beat jackpots, has been purchased by Blanca Games. Both sites on the network have been involved in cheating scandals in the past, and it is hoped that the new acquisition will be a clean break from these problems.

Blanca Games has CEO Stuart Gordon at its helm, and is headquartered in Costa Rica. Stuart has been instrumental in creating groups such as Helix Gaming International and BingoMania.com.

Joe Sebok, sponsored professional player for UB.net, spoke to PND and said that he couldn’t be more excited about the news. “It’s a further break from the past and the former owners of Ultimate Bet, not to mention my own excitement about bringing Blanca into the fold and beginning something new,” he said.

“Gordon has a proven track record and I think bringing him into the poker arena is only going to breathe some new excitement into our business,” he added.

Sebok said that the move would hopefully allow UB.com to bury its demons from the past. “I always knew that we needed to deal with the past, which we continue to do, but the really exciting period was always going to be growing the company and turning it into what we would like it to be. Soon, UB won’t be known for the scandals of the past, but rather for helping lead online poker into the future,” he predicted.

According to reports, the entire operation at Cereus Poker will remain unchanged, including sponsorship deals and management. In addition, Sebok said that “The player experience should not change one bit, except for all of the improvements that will come from us being bought by Blanca.”

“I think we are really going to be able to do many more exciting things now,” he said.

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