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Thursday, December 22nd, 2011

An unidentified woman won $1 million at Harrah’s Resort in Atlantic City this week, after playing the Three Card Poker 6 Card bonus jackpot game and qualifying for a promotion being run by the casino resort. What makes this win particularly impressive is the fact that the woman wagered only $20 before grabbing the big prize and becoming the second winner of the promotion.

The win was made through the promotion offered by Harrahs where players are paid out cash prizes if they manage to draw a royal flush. The sum of the prize depends on the make-up of the royal flush, and whether it is in clubs, spades, hearts or diamonds. The payout also depends on how much money is bet on the hand by the poker player.

Harrah’s top payout of $1 million was earmarked for a royal flush in diamonds – the exact hand landed by the woman, despite her very low wager.

Harrah’s Resort would not divulge the identity of the woman when approached, but did confirm that she had only been playing for two hours at the table before she hit the winning jackpot. The casino also said that the woman had notified them that she had only ever played Three Card Poker 6 twice in the past.

Harrahs’ promotion kicked off at the end of September and this marks the second time that the $1 million payout has been won since then. The first jackpot was won in October after another unidentified man wagered just $19. In November, 2011, a man from Virginia bagged $100,000.

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Tuesday, November 8th, 2011

Bwin.Party digital entertainment Plc, the gambling entity that resulted from a merger between Bwin and Party Gaming, has announced that it has entered into a potentially lucrative deal that could return it to the US gambling market. The group entered into a joint venture contract with the two Las Vegas based casino groups, Boyd Gaming and MGM Resorts.

The three issued press releases this week outlining the creation of a company that would set up web platforms and would put Bwin.Party in a position to enter the market when it becomes legalized and regulated.

Bwin.Party will have a 65% majority stake in the company, while Boyd Gaming will have a 10% stake. MGM Resorts will own the balance. According to the press releases, all three companies will have board representation.

According to a separate contract, Boyd Gaming entered into an agreement with Bwin.Party that it would use the online company’s technology to establish its own poker brand in the United States once the appropriate legislation has been passed. Although not yet confirmed, MGM is also thought to have entered into a similar 15 year agreement with Bwin.Party.

The President and Chief Executive of Boyd Gaming, Keith Smith said: “We see online poker as a compelling future growth opportunity for our company, and this agreement would position Boyd Gaming to quickly become a leader in the online poker market in the United States.”

Although Bwin.Party cannot predict when changes will come about in the US online poker market, the group was sure that it was gaining “significant momentum” by entering into these agreements. The venture also allows Bwin.Party to apply for a Nevada Gaming Commission gambling license.

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Saturday, September 10th, 2011

The Alderney Gambling Control Commission announced that it has rescheduled a hearing for Full Tilt Poker, with the new date being September 19th. Besides being four days later than the previously decided-upon date, the new hearing will be held at a different agenda – the Riverbank Park Plaza Hotel on the Albert Embankment in London. The reason for the change of venue, said the AGCC, is because it would be able to accommodate more interested parties – leading to higher expectations that the hearing will be open to the public, as the previous one was supposed to be, and not behind closed doors as demanded by Full Tilt’s legal team in the last hearing.

A hearing scheduled for July 26th was meant to enable representatives of Full Tilt Poker to explain to the AGCC why it could not pay back its players since an FBI indictment against 11 executives in the online poker industry. The Commission wants Full Tilt to prove that it can protect its player’s funds and pay them out under any circumstances – something that the poker room has been unable to do.

Full Tilt was hoping that by the time the rescheduled hearing’s date came up, it would have good news regarding an acquisition deal, which would have allowed it to start paying back its players. Unfortunately, nothing concrete has happened between July and now, and analysts believe that the Alderney Gambling Control Commission will not be so quick to re-license the online poker room.

Full Tilt will have to come to the new hearing with better news and a full explanation of how it plans to pay back the millions owed to its players. If not, the chances of the group receiving an operating license by the AGCC are slim.

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